Category: Switch Reviews

Bleed 2 Review

Bleed 2 takes the series to bold new heights, remembering everything that was fun about the original, polishing up the rough spots and honestly making one of the most fun shooters on the Switch to date.

Dragon Sinker Review

Dragon Sinker keeps its roots firmly in the past, but really extends some good tendrils towards new ideas, resulting in the best of both worlds in this retro JRPG.

Spacecats with Lasers Review

Losing a couple points due to some less-than-enjoyable audio, Spacecats with Lasers nevertheless makes itself endearing and memorable with some good shooting action, a fair amount of replay and, of course, cats.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror Review

Outlast: Bundle of Terror brings all the anxiety and madness of the Mount Massive Asylum to a portable system so that you can be scared and crying wherever you go. Thank you?
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