Category: Switch Reviews

Cities: Skylines Review

The city-builder makes a surprise skyline towards the Nintendo Switch, boasting a level of depth that is as deep as any of its foundations.

Hover Review

Run, jump, grind and free-run through the neon lit streets of Hover City in a game that eventually shines brightly with patience and agility.

Defunct Review

When Defunct gets things right, it does so with such gusto, that it simply excites and is genuinely fun. However, when it all goes wrong, it does so horribly.

Broken Age Review

This enchanting tale of worlds apart that come together is still a modern masterpiece, though repeat players will find little incentive on the Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

Quite possibly the best game out there to see what happens when physics, fire and crumbling foundations all meet up for one unlucky sheep at the same time.

Gone Home Review

Coming home to rural Oregon is never easy, but having an empty house makes it a tad harder. Thankfully, there aren't real ghosts here: just spirits of sadness.
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