Category: PS Vita Reviews

Stardew Valley Review

Addictive game-play, charming settings, diverse cast of characters and a delightful soundtrack to guide you on your agricultural journey.

Gunhouse Review

It doesn't matter how good looking a game is, if you can't enjoy it because of mechanical failure and technical flaws, then it's simply not a good game.

NeverEnd Review

NeverEnd, ironically enough, is a never-ending story of pain and anguish, but at least it doesn't feature Limahl.

Chaos;Child Review

Chaos;Child details the mysterious occurrence and after effects of a devastating earthquake in Shibuya.

Blue Reflection Review

If you're a fan of turn-based RPGs, Blue Reflection is pretty standard fare--chock full of anime stereotypes and loaded with just enough fan service to keep you titillated.
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