Tag: 2D

20XX Review

Easily one of the most legendary indies of our modern time, 20XX brings clean, enjoyable and challenging action to the Switch with flair, style and massive success.

The Wardrobe Review

"How the hell many times do I need to remind you I'm allergic?!" is one of my favorite gaming quotes of all time, and it takes place, here, in The Wardrobe.

Pocket Rumble Review

Tight, precise and complex without being overwhelming, Pocket Rumble delivers a unique and challenging fighter while still boasting an easy entrance fee, both in price and controls.

Runbow Review

A decent multiplayer indie title, which unfortunately has been killed off before it even started living.

Beekyr Reloaded Review

A shocking amount of gameplay packed into this tiny package, Beekyr Reloaded is a great challenge and enjoyable shooter for vets and newcomers alike.
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