Tag: Fighting

Furi Review

Feel the rage you have from every boss that defeated you in every game before hand. Good, use that here. Use every last drop.

Radio Hammer Station Review

If I had a hammer, after I was done hammering all over this land, I’d start a successful DJ career with a tough guy chicken and beat up everything who opposed me.

Pato Box Review

Duck-Out? Punch Hunt? I don’t know. It’s boxing with a duck headed man. Or is that a man bodied duck?

Ultra Space Battle Brawl Review

Ultra Space Battle Brawl finally answers the question of what happens when Earth becomes a proving ground for intergalactic refugees to settle things in a hyper aggressive version of tennis. Like we've always wondered.

Pocket Rumble Review

Tight, precise and complex without being overwhelming, Pocket Rumble delivers a unique and challenging fighter while still boasting an easy entrance fee, both in price and controls.
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