Tag: Platformer

My Memory of Us Review

My Memory of Us shines with inklings of greatness, but those are ultimately put out by the title's indecisive direction and game design.

Alwa’s Awakening Review

Inspiring, enthralling, and frustrating in a positive way, Alwa’s Awakening really does capture everything that made the NES great, but in it’s own accord.

Risk of Rain Review

Sometimes it only takes one misstep to turn a simple shower into an utter flood. Risk of Rain rewards the fast and the lucky, and punishes the slow.

Hover Review

Run, jump, grind and free-run through the neon lit streets of Hover City in a game that eventually shines brightly with patience and agility.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Review

Quite possibly the best game out there to see what happens when physics, fire and crumbling foundations all meet up for one unlucky sheep at the same time.
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