Tag: Shooter


Space Cows Review

When your hero is named Best Regards, you already know you're in for some nonsense, and Space Cows delivers some eye-rolling humor with hardcore gameplay.

Inferno 2 Review

Exciting, engaging, addicting, Inferno 2 showcases what happens when a solid mobile title makes a great leap to the console without overreaching.

Gun Gun Pixies Review

Tiny, cute girls shoot giant, cute girls to help keep up good energy, save an alien planet, and still have plenty of time for a bath every single time. Art.

Vigor Review

Vigor presents one of the most tense and engaging free-to-play games as it loots and shoots an exclusive release on the Xbox One.

Cryogear Review

Live. Die. Learn. Repeat. Cryogear has a great world to explore and some solid mechanics as long as you can get through the initial vices.