Tag: arcade


Golazo! Review

Golazo! provides arcade footy thrills with no fouls or offsides, to produce a fast-paced, free-flowing game of soccer.

Rest in Pieces Review

This creepy mobile port is interesting at first, but the revelation of grinding to get beyond the first stage instantly turns it from a frightfest into a chore.

Space Cows Review

When your hero is named Best Regards, you already know you're in for some nonsense, and Space Cows delivers some eye-rolling humor with hardcore gameplay.

Inferno 2 Review

Exciting, engaging, addicting, Inferno 2 showcases what happens when a solid mobile title makes a great leap to the console without overreaching.

River City Girls Review

These girls came to chew bubble gum, jam out to some rad tunes, and kick butt--and they're all out of bubble gum.