Tag: Atmospheric


Need a packet? Review

Need a packet is a repetitive slog of mundane jobs. Can you take on your job in the grocery store without losing your mind?

Neverending Nightmares Review

Thankfully, it's all a bad dream, or is it? An excellent concept that explores mental health, but let down by the execution of dull gameplay. The atmosphere and presentation are certainly on par, but the repetition will slowly eat at you.

Creaks Review

When a mystery door reveals itself to you, do you ignore it, or grab your torch and go exploring? Do the latter and discover the eerie subterranean world of the Avian and the Creaks.

Sorry, James Review

Nestor Yavorskyy's indie puzzler Sorry, James lets you discover the game and its mechanics for yourself, but is ultimately flawed by intentional technical difficulties.