Tag: Beat-‘Em-Up


Cake Bash Review

Cake Bash is a beautifully illustrated four player party game experience which will guarantee laughs, extreme levels of fun and the craving to go and eat some cake!

Going Under Review

Despite its combat, Going Under is undoubtedly a great piece of creative work, and it proves that there’s so much more that can be done within this popular and overcrowded genre.

Shing! Review

Technical problems aside, Shing! is fast, ultra-stylish and wonderfully self-aware of its bizarre comedy.

Saboteur Review

Though arguably old school and a tad difficult to control, there's no discounting the amazing gameplay that comes from a nearly 25 year old game.

Clan N Review

Take on the evil Akuji, a former samurai who enslaves the land. Who you gonna call? A quartet named Clan N.