Tag: Building


Demolish & Build Review

Demolish and Build does a great job at building a construction company of your very own, however, the lackluster graphics, poor mechanics and hollow game world let a great idea down.

House Flipper Review

House Flippers is a cathartic and relaxing experience, but it's far from perfect as the controls, visuals and sound stop the game from being a must-have indie.

Rover Mechanic Simulator Preview

Rover Mechanic Simulator might not click with a lot of people, but for those that it will, it will surely provide them a great time with this fresh setting in the sim space.

Stacks on Stacks Review

Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks) is a surprisingly addictive game that will keep you coming back for more, whether you play alone or with friends there is something here for all ages.

House Flipper Review

Though it lacks a coat of polish, House Flipper is a weirdly engrossing take on putting things in order and making a profit.

House Flipper Review

You finally have that chance to be the property developer you have always dreamed of. Pick up that controller and turn that hovel into a home.

Two Point Hospital Review

An amazingly in depth simulation game that will have Theme Hospital fans excited. Step forward and try to cure the world of disease, one weird and wonderful illness at a time.