Tag: casual

Crayola Scoot Review

Crayola rolls onto the Nintendo Switch with an odd choice of vehicle - a scooter - but really makes the whole experience fun and fascinating for everyone.

Battle Group 2 Review

There's Klingons on the starboard bow...Oh, hang on! Wrong game! There's gunships on the starboard bow! That's better!

My Memory of Us Review

My Memory of Us shines with inklings of greatness, but those are ultimately put out by the title's indecisive direction and game design.

My Brother Rabbit Review

What kind of story would you tell to help your younger sister's pain and fear? My Brother Rabbit beautifully captures the effect that a good tale can create.

My Brother Rabbit Review

As a young girl battles for her life, she is told stories of her heroic plush Rabbit, who sets off on his own journey to save a sick friend.
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