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Leap of Fate Review

Leap of Fate borrows in droves from its direct competitors. But in due course of trying to copy everybody else, it fails to find its own direction, and the result is rather underwhelming.

Rainbow Skies Review

The long-awaited sequel to Rainbow Moon offers a completely new story, world and characters to explore, yet still retains an air of familiarity that has been greatly refined.

Iro Hero Review

Iro Hero wants so desperately to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the shooters that we all know and love, but this little game needs a bit of a boost to really be seen.

Reverie Review

Kia ora! Restore order to the once peaceful Taromi Island by quelling the restless spirits that haunt it.

Tachyon Project Review

When you give your software sentience and then set it out to seek answers, it's going to bring back questions that you'd rather not answer.
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