Tag: Hack and Slash


Cat Quest II Review

The sequel to 2017's open-world ARPG Cat Quest is finally here, but unfortunately, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

Croixleur Sigma Review

Face paced, strategically hectic and versatile combat partnered with adorable and enjoyable characters make Croixleur a hack and slash to remember fondly.


As the Switch continues to be the new battleground for Japan fandom games, Fate/EXTELLA LINK gives Type-Moon musou worshipers a new jewel in their collection.


ELDERBORN is a first-person melee game, which is accompanied by a hefty score of heavy metal and level design that takes you back to the old classics.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Review

Just because you're rocking an awesome skirt and knee length socks doesn't mean you can't dole out some of the best fast action that the Switch can provide.

Leap of Fate Review

Leap of Fate borrows in droves from its direct competitors. But in due course of trying to copy everybody else, it fails to find its own direction, and the result is rather underwhelming.