Tag: Horror

Outlast: Bundle of Terror Review

Outlast: Bundle of Terror brings all the anxiety and madness of the Mount Massive Asylum to a portable system so that you can be scared and crying wherever you go. Thank you?

Bulb Boy Review

Bulb Boy, is a rather confusing tale, which is carried by its excellent puzzle design, and mechanical stability.

Detention Review

Detention does the most unexpected thing possible: reminds the player that the scariest monsters are not under the bed, but all around us.

Hollow Review

Hollow blasts its way through hyperspace and onto the Nintendo Switch, but will this be a game containing a constellation of horrors, or will it all end up being, well, just a bit hollow?


PLAY WITH ME blends the escape room genre with horror as it pits you against puzzles that will leave you stumped and baffled.
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