Tag: indie

Pato Box Review

Duck-Out? Punch Hunt? I don’t know. It’s boxing with a duck headed man. Or is that a man bodied duck?

Rise of Industry Preview

Rise of Industry is an ambitious and promising game, but at the moment it falls short of providing any sort of enjoyment without enduring its extremely difficult nature.

No Heroes Here Review

No Heroes Here is uproarious fun with multiplayer mayhem, sure to bring great friends closer and drive even greater friends to murder when things go haywire.

Neverout Review

Given how short this atmospheric, but ultimately tame, puzzle game is, I can’t tell if the title is ironic or just a misnomer.

Mothergunship Review

MOTHERGUNSHIP may not be the second coming in digital form, but its stable structure and an array of additional features result in an entertaining and memorable experience.

20XX Review

Easily one of the most legendary indies of our modern time, 20XX brings clean, enjoyable and challenging action to the Switch with flair, style and massive success.
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