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Frontier Pilot Simulator Preview

If you’re into flying simulators, Frontier Pilot does provide a fresh spin on the formula, but as always, you have to keep in mind that the game is in Early Access.

Headliner: NoviNews Review

Headliner: Novinews allows you to delve deep into the world as a lead journalist which will have you decision making, influencing the world and encountering situations where you can branch out into multiple outcomes.

Lumini Review

Lumini promises a relaxing adventure in a similar vein to Nights Into Dreams and Chasing Aurora, but sadly fails to deliver on Nintendo Switch.

Lydia Review

An emotional rollercoaster of an adventure, a little on the small side - not just the protagonist, but also the duration, but Lydia has a powerful message.

Invisible Fist Review

High five, fist bump or a wave goodbye? The Invisible Fist and capitalism isn't usually a subject covered on the Switch, but, here we are...

Farabel Review

For the price it is, I'd undoubtedly recommend Farabel as a unique experience, presenting many promising indications of what's to come!