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Zumba: Burn It Up Review

A spicy dance that helps burn off those calories, Zumba could be your new best friend on the Switch as long as you put in the work and know the game’s limits.

FUZE4 Review

FUZE4 presents a programming tool to create your own games with endless possibilities on the Nintendo Switch.

NEKOPARA Vol.3 Review

Being the very best of a catgirl dating series might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but Nekopara Vol. 3 is, heads and tails, the strongest entry yet.

Lyrica Review

A rhythm game with story, diversity, and not just the same recycled K-Pop songs? It's more plausible than you'd think!

InkyPen Review

This comic book reader for the Switch has some great moves, but technical hangups mean that users may be too frustrated to subscribe for another month.