Tag: local multiplayer


GORSD Review

A top down action game, blending area covered gameplay and arcade rail-based games. It’s as though Splatoon and Pacman had a very strange child.

Gurgamoth Review

Gurgamoth is a small indie party game which offers quick matches for up to 4 players in a free-for-all style. 

Quiplash Review

A game where being clever is better than being dirty, but being both is the fastest way to win over friends and coworkers.

Worbital Review

A real time strategy game with a twist. Choose your faction, and destroy every other planet in sight. Time to take the fight to your enemies, this isn't just war, this is Worbital.

Legendary Eleven Review

Legendary Eleven doesn't tick all of the boxes in the world of football but it does get most things right. Avid football fans who want to relive the 80's or 90's will want to give this a go!

Flat Heroes Review

Often hectic, Flat Heroes has more depth than it's initial appearance. Whether you play alone or with a group of friends locally, this is a lot of fun.