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House Flipper Review

You finally have that chance to be the property developer you have always dreamed of. Pick up that controller and turn that hovel into a home.

Thief Simulator Review

Thief Simulator does what it says on the tin, if you have ever fancied a life of crime for a good few hours without consequence, then here is your chance.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

While the Tank Mechanic Simulator is quite competent at what it does, I’d only really recommend this to people who are absolutely thrilled by the idea of dismantling a tank to pieces and putting it back together.

Farm Manager 2018 Review

Farm Manager 2018 rewards patience. If you lack patience, you will want to take a hard pass. I loved Farm Manager 2018 at first, but by the time I reached 350 hours played, I was tired of it.