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Dusk Diver Review

A fantastically cool brawler with brilliant design and voicework, Dusk Diver really hamstrings itself with necessary grind that turns cool into chore.

Song of Memories Review

Song of Memories is a visual novel that manages to combine romance with darker elements in an interesting way that doesn’t feel too forced or cliche.

AeternoBlade II Review

AeternoBlade II mixes up a variety of combat styles, camera views and gameplay elements in this satisfying hack-and-slash, metroidvania platformer.

Cat Quest II Review

The sequel to 2017's open-world ARPG Cat Quest is finally here, but unfortunately, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

Gun Gun Pixies Review

Tiny, cute girls shoot giant, cute girls to help keep up good energy, save an alien planet, and still have plenty of time for a bath every single time. Art.