Tag: Psychological Horror


Postal Redux Review

Though darker and messier than I remember, Postal Redux nevertheless shines light on the original mayhem simulator and reminds us what gaming was in the 90s.

Those Who Remain Review

A dark and eerie psychological adventure awaits you around the sleepy town of Dormont. Can you help Edward to solve the problems, and survive the night?

Neverending Nightmares Review

Thankfully, it's all a bad dream, or is it? An excellent concept that explores mental health, but let down by the execution of dull gameplay. The atmosphere and presentation are certainly on par, but the repetition will slowly eat at you.


A 2D psychological horror that paints a grim picture of the human psyche, of what it feels like to lose hope, to feel worthless or lack forgiveness.

Blair Witch Review

Spooky, suspenseful, full of lore and gore; this incarnation of Blair Witch stands apart from recent film versions, though it still has its own demons to face.