Tag: Puzzle


Never Breakup Review

Never Breakup is a solid co-op platformer, unfortunately the mini-games aren't as interesting and you'll want to change some of the settings. Still, if you are looking for a unique new platformer look no further!

Naught Review

Spellbinding and frustrating, Naught is a sight to behold, and players able to wrap their heads around the controls are in for a fascinating expedition.

Swim Out Review

Swimming is relaxing, that is until you dip your toe into the water of Swim Out. A nostalgia infused puzzle game that transports you to a British summer.

Rainswept Review

In a quiet town called Pineview, a murder-suicide turns up more information than the residents knew about the deceased couple--and coincidentally about the detective working the case.

Creaks Review

When a mystery door reveals itself to you, do you ignore it, or grab your torch and go exploring? Do the latter and discover the eerie subterranean world of the Avian and the Creaks.

Crosscode Review

Crosscode is a surprise gem of 2020, a solid 80 hours plus in this fast paced RPG which combines beautiful pixel art graphics with intriguing boss fights and puzzles to solve