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I Am Dead Review

Haunt the island of Shelmerston, only without scaring people but extracting thoughts and memories to save the people from an imminent threat.

Raji: An Ancient Epic Review

Raji: An Ancient Epic is by no means groundbreaking nor it’s the greatest game of all time, but as a whole, it’s a solid action-adventure game featuring some of the best scenarios to take inspiration from Ancient India.

Neighbours Back From Hell Review

A dated title in terms of presentation and execution, Neighbours Back From Hell is quite a janky experience with choppy animation and repetitive gameplay, but it does entertain, in small bursts.

Terror Squid Review

Far from being a Halloween expansion for Nussoft, Terror Squid crafts a clever survival arcade game with some unnerving undertones that are somewhat effective.

Cosmonauta Review

The positives of the game really stand out within the genre and the challenges that come with the levels leave you going back often to overcome them.