Tag: Rating 10/10

God of War Review

In many ways, the God of War experience has changed dramatically for the better, exemplifying precisely what a mature triple-A title should look like in 2018.

Death Road To Canada Review

Death Road to Canada might be one of the best titles to come to the Nintendo Switch so far, and it's got something for everyone, even if that means everyone is a zombie.

Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 is a title which many have condemned, but just like Joseph Seed, it allows one to redeem oneself, and bask in the light of its utter excellence.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla Vs. Lovecraft may just be the finest twin stick shooter I've played in memory, and certainly the best one I've ever encountered from 10Tons Ltd.


Perfect Hat's debut game for the Switch is a wacky, creative-puzzler that'll certainly make you go insane in the membrane, but in a good and satisfying way!


If you have spare £7.99 lying around, then you should spend it on Deadbolt, which could easily become the best indie game of 2018.
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