Tag: Rating 6/10

R.B.I. Baseball 18 Review

Although a step in the right direction for the RBI franchise, too many frustrations still prevent this baseball sim from being a big hitter, making it far from being a major league title.

Metal Slug XX Review

Metal Slug XX, feels and plays just like the Metal Slug titles of old. But its stubbornness, and reluctance to leave its past behind, ultimately drags it down.

Phantom Trigger Review

Who are you? The Creator, Stan? Inquisitive Ant? Violent Lil Bull? Or... perhaps the better question is: why is this happening to you?

Milanoir Review

If you are into heavily stylized games with a few interesting gameplay ideas that do hit the mark – play this game, it is a feeling that not many games can make you feel.

Them Bombs Review

Them Bombs is a well done experience, certainly novel for a period of time but, ultimately, too reliant on a crowd’s energy to push the game forward.

Aragami Shadow Edition Review

Despite of being a quote-on-quote complete edition, with all of the previously released content and expansions, Aragami Shadow Edition, feels strangely incomplete.
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