Tag: Role Playing Game


Micetopia Review

Micetopia is a metroidvania style platformer that see's the young mouse Rich try and rescue his village from a strange infection.

Azurebreak Heroes Review

"Azurebreak Heroes" looks like shovelware, but looks can be deceiving. Once you get used to some weird mechanics, this little-ARPG-that-could is full of charm and content.

Pangeon Review

A casual dungeon crawling experience where one of 4 heroes must overcome the monsters, and cleanse the world around them.

Monster Prom XXL Review

Monster Prom XXL is zany dating sim meets party game and it's a great time assuming you have someone (or a few someones; the more the merrier) with which to play.


WARSAW is just another take on The Darkest Dungeon, but it is executed with all the style and grace of a drugged up elephant on roller blades, skating on top of an oiled up iceberg.