Tag: Role-Playing


Hades Review

Clever, challenging, exciting and frustrating, Hades ticks all the boxes of a game that's sure to become the next great "one more room" sort of addiction.

Dreamscaper Preview

Dreamscaper has definitely been one of the biggest surprises for me this year and I honestly can’t wait to see how the game changes in the coming months.

Grimvalor Review

Grimvalor gets a lot of things right, and fans looking for a dark, gothic, hack-and-slash platformer for the Nintendo Switch should check this out.

Ooblets Review

A colourful adventure awaits you in this new world that you now call home. Grow your Ooblet, claim your farm and help the villagers to make some new friends.

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet Review

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet has a decent mix of good and bad endings, but the cute characters and the majority of the writing will still end up giving you a cavity.