Tag: Shoot ‘Em Up

Invisigun Reloaded Review

One of the best multiplayer games in recent memory, Invisigun Reloaded brings so much more than just a gimmick to this online and offline competition.

Space Cows Review

When your hero is named Best Regards, you already know you're in for some nonsense, and Space Cows delivers some eye-rolling humor with hardcore gameplay.

VASARA Collection Review

Brilliantly offbeat, technically sound and aurally pleasing, The Vasara Collection will intrigue and delight new and old shmup fans alike.


EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 is finally on PC, bringing the latest and best entry on the famous franchise known for its endless onslaught to a new audience.

Psyvariar Delta Review

Psyvariar Delta does fans right by bringing everything to the table from the previous versions of this game and adding a bit more visually and aurally.