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Anime Studio Story Review

Originally an iOS / Android title from Kairosoft, the game pits you as the budding CEO of a small anime studio. Hire staff, make shows and reach anime stardom.

Frontier Pilot Simulator Preview

If you’re into flying simulators, Frontier Pilot does provide a fresh spin on the formula, but as always, you have to keep in mind that the game is in Early Access.

Lumini Review

Lumini promises a relaxing adventure in a similar vein to Nights Into Dreams and Chasing Aurora, but sadly fails to deliver on Nintendo Switch.

Farm Manager 2018 Review

Farm Manager 2018 rewards patience. If you lack patience, you will want to take a hard pass. I loved Farm Manager 2018 at first, but by the time I reached 350 hours played, I was tired of it.

Alvastia Chronicles Review

Alvastia Chronicles is a budget-JPRG which while being pretty basic in everything it does also has a mysterious charm all of its own which will keep you coming back and wanting more.