Tag: stealth


Thief Simulator Review

Thief Simulator does what it says on the tin, if you have ever fancied a life of crime for a good few hours without consequence, then here is your chance.

Untitled Goose Game Review

It's time to ruin everyone's day, this slapstick stealth game will have you stealing hats, playing pranks and honking a lot. Time to unleash your inner Goose.

Roombo: First Blood Review

A sadistic Wall-E like vacuum cleaner that doesn't suck. Not because it's faulty, but it's the kind of device you can rely on. It's just a shame that it's so short.

Agony Review

If you're here to see what the fuss is about, then Agony only hurts slightly, but if you're here for the gameplay, then Agony can be very painful.