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Mass Effect Andromeda Review

While never reaching the heights of some of it's predecessors, Mass Effect Andromeda is a genuinely fun game that was the target of a lot of undeserved ire at its launch.

Lydia Review

An emotional rollercoaster of an adventure, a little on the small side - not just the protagonist, but also the duration, but Lydia has a powerful message.

Wandersong Review

The world is doomed, a hero is needed. Up steps the unlikely man for the job Bard. His persistent optimism and love of singing will unite the world. Will the Earthsong be sung? Only time will tell.

Pathologic 2 Review

A brilliantly atmospheric tale of a small, remote town caught in the grip of a deadly plague that would be enthralling if it was less hindered by bugs and poor optimisation.


Sometimes we make mistakes, and mistakes can cost lives: but, through trial and error, can we repair the damage, or are we doomed to repeat and suffer?