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Bigfoot Review

Bigfoot has a lot of potential, but it sadly needs a lot of work to be the definitive survival horror multiplayer experience.

The Beast Inside Review

All in all, The Beast Inside was an entertaining horror mystery that, although not perhaps entirely polished, certainly lived up to the hype created by the demo.

DAYMARE: 1998 Review

Daymare 1998 is a salute to the horror games of the past and replicates games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis and the result is a intriguing superb slice of nostalgia

DAYMARE: 1998 Review

90's gaming and a zombie apocalypse in a nutshell! Can you survive this nightmarish hell? Can H.A.D.E.S save the day, or make the situation worse? Why not jump in and see for yourself.

Resident Evil 3 Preview

Resident Evil 3 is set to release in just a few days, but in the mean time, I wanted to give my thoughts on the demo that Capcom released earlier this month.

DAYMARE: 1998 Review

Daymare: 1998 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and honestly, the game doesn’t really excel in any other aspect other than invoking that feeling of what a true old-school survival horror game should feel like.