Tag: Tactical


Star Renegades Review

Despite its shortcomings, Star Renegades stands on its own as a testament to how to perfectly relate the gameplay loop of a game with its setting.

For The People Review

One for the fans of political management and strategy sims. Presented in an unusual and unique way, its a fresh take on a controversial topic.

Tannenberg Review

Tannenberg is the most historically accurate WWI shooter I have witnessed, featuring 40 player online battles, over 40 weapons along with a squad system and deep stat tracking, it is up there with the best shooters!

1971 Project Helios Review

Working as a team isn't always enjoyable, in 1971 Project Helios you have no choice. You must put aside your differences as Dr. Margaret Blythe's life depends on it.

Warface Breakout Review

Warface Breakout is as close as you're going to get to the Counter Strike series on PC, a tactical based first person shooter that has laid out solid foundations for a growing community. A must buy for fans of the genre!