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Bonus Stage  is a non-profit online video games media outlet based in the United Kingdom. We are a small team of talented and ambitious writers who aim to deliver the latest news, reviews and editorial content on a daily basis. At Bonus Stage we believe in full transparency and all our reviews are independent, unbiased and completely honest. Bonus Stage is built by gamers, for gamers.

We’re a little bit quirky, sometimes a little bit serious, but above all a lovely team of creatives interested in hearing and showcasing what the very best video games have to offer. A thriving, ambitious Organisation, Bonus Stage works with both established publishers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo plus up-and-coming indie developers too. Our Writers work from home, free from the distractions of everyday life!

From the outset it was our belief that Bonus Stage was a ‘Free house of the Imagination’, and as such was owned by anyone and everyone who opened themselves to being part of its life. Bonus Stage offers a home for creative writing, where anyone, regardless of writing experience, can step away from their normal routine, immerse themselves in the creative process, be inspired by Video Games and release their imaginative potential.

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98% of the games reviewed here at Bonus Stage are supplied by the publishers and or developers, however occasionally a staff member may purchase a particular game and review it, but all reviews are: fair, balanced and bias-free. If you wish to send us a game for review, please contact press@4gn.co.uk

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