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PAYDAY 2 Review

If you’ve ever fancied being a Reservoir Dog or one of Ocean’s eleven, then it’s time to dust off your masks as Payday 2 brings its series of heists to the Nintendo Switch.

Aegis Defenders Review

A frantic combination of platformer and tower defense, Aegis Defense will test your strategy skills as well as your quick thinking and ability to multitask.

Radiation Island Review

Stranded in another dimension upon the shores of a seemingly long-deserted island, Radiation Island is now being teleported to the Nintendo Switch.

Typoman Review

Despite the title, Typoman has virtually no errors in its detail or delivery, and wordsmiths who have hoped for something more involved than simple games will finally have the HERO they deserve.


Developed by SNK, Fu’un Super Combo is a compilation of two NEOGEO Japan-exclusive fighting games, Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter. Out now on the Playstation 4.
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