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Link-a-Pix Colour (or color for those of us in the U.S.) is a fun visual puzzler for Nintendo 3DS from Lightwood Games. My first exposure to Link-a-Pix was in an old Brain Games 2DS game we had many years ago. It was my favorite of all the different puzzle games that were available on the disc. When I saw that a standalone version of it was available with Link-a-Pix Colour I pounced. There are 120 puzzles available in this version and I’ve already completed 50 of them in the last 6 days. And that is with actively forcing myself to put it away each evening after just a few puzzles else I’d have played for hours every single night since I got the game last weekend.

Link-a-Pix works on a very simple concept. Each level is a new puzzle with a white grid full of colour-coded numbers. The grids start off small and get bigger as you progress through the puzzle levels. You complete the puzzle by linking the same colour-number combinations with each other in the correct path until all the numbers are correctly linked and the hidden picture is revealed. Like connecting a snake’s head to its tail. The number indicates how many squares in the grid are taken up by that particular link. The color indicates which color that link will be when completed. Some are obvious with only one or two possible pathways, others can be quite complicated with many ways to complete the path. The easiest approach is to scroll around the board and complete all the obvious pathways first. Then focus on an area and try out different links until that section is completed.

The most useful feature is the “fix” feature. Once you’ve completed a section or even if you want to see if one of your more difficult pathways is correct before you move on, just hit the X button and it will let you know if there are errors. If there are, tell it to fix them and you can start fresh and try another pathway.

Another helpful feature is the standard Nintendo 3DS split-screen approach to games so you are always able to see your picture progression on the top screen while you work on the links on the bottom screen. You can use the stylus if you like, or you can use the movement buttons and the A button to use the control pad instead. I found that using the stylus would start to fatigue my fingers a bit as it is short and I have very long fingers. Being able to switch input methodology was extremely useful.

Puzzle games have always been a way for me to relax. Whether digitally in a game or offline with pen and paper I’ve always found that giving my brain a nice puzzle to chew on for a while helps melt away the tension from my day-to-day life. Sometimes a good vegging out session will work, but usually, I need to engage my brain but in something without the pressure that comes from work.

Link-a-Pix is perfect for that. Link-a-Pix Colour is an extremely fun game. If you enjoy puzzle-style games I highly recommend you pick this title up in the Nintendo eShop. As of the time of writing this article, it is only $7.99USD. You’ll find the puzzles soothing yet challenging and the pictures are fun and whimsical.

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