Top 5 Best Cartoon-Themed Mobile Games to Play in

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Mobile gaming is now the gaming sector that has the largest number of players; in fact, the mobile gaming sector now makes up around half of the gamers and income that flood into the entire gaming industry. Mobile gaming is the only way to game on the go. Your mobile phone comes with you to classes, you take it to work, it’s with you whenever you jump onto a bus or sit in a waiting room, so it’s already just a grab away, singing its siren song of entertainment to those with too much time on their hands. What could be better than playing a sneaky game here or there during the day? Well, getting your Saturday cartoons in early, of course! Cartoon-themed games have been around since the dawn of gaming, and they remain an incredibly popular genre for many obvious reasons. Cartoons have infiltrated every corner of the gaming and gambling industry: so many online slots in the UK are cartoon-themed!

Since there are so many cartoon-themed games out there, we’ve curated a list of our top five contenders for the crown.

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1. Among Us

There’s no better combination than an outer space game and a cartoon theme! Among Us is a sort of “whodunnit” that takes place on a spaceship manned with what seems like its regular crew…or is it? You play as members of the crew, and you need to figure out which crew member isn’t who he or she says they are before you become their next target. In each round, every player has a number of tasks that they have to accomplish, while the imposters don’t but must still appear busy to look innocent. While they’re pretending to do such things, they’re really concocting plans to knock off their fellow crew members without being discovered. When a new body is found, the crew comes together and tries to figure out who it is that they should be hurling out of the airlock for the crime…and you’d better pray that isn’t you.

  1. Florence

Though still in animated cartoon format, Florence is a game of a completely different sort. This romantic drama takes you through the stages of love, loss, and letting go. Florence is a puzzler that relies on touch-based mechanics to express the joys of a loving relationship without the words that often get in the way. The soundtrack is the perfect companion to the hand-drawn scenes and characters. We follow the story of protagonist Florence Yeoh as she falls hopelessly in love with a musician. We experience their relationship through a series of little games. You’ll need to fit a puzzle together in the form of a conversation or decorate the couple’s apartment when they finally move in together.

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2. Esqueleto Explosivo

If you like cartoons and winning big, why not check out this exciting Day-of-the-Dead-themed mobile slot game? Expect bright and colorful graphics and a resident mariachi band to accompany you as you make your way through the game. There’s a Mucho multiplier hiding in the slots that can up your winnings if you’re lucky enough to land it!

  1. Grindstone

This is a classic Cartoon-Network-inspired game, and its visual appeal is legendary. However cute this game may appear, don’t be fooled: there’s a violent and visceral turn coming your way! This game completely took over when it was released: even Apple’s harshest critics were wanting an Apple Arcade subscription just so they could play Grindstone! In the game, you play as George: a barbarous warrior who must undertake a trip through some monster-filled mines and slay every beastie he meets to claim the loot they hold. All the monsters in the game are color-coded, so when the slice-happy George begins slaying, he can only attack monsters of the color that the game board allows. If he smashes a gemstone, he can change to another color and keep on going before returning to his original color in a vibrant explosion of monster guts.

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3. To The Moon

To the Moon is an adventure game in the classic style. The graphics harken back to Chrono Trigger and the like, but To The Moon is a game all its own. The story of the game follows benevolent doctors who make it their mission to make the last moments of dying patients a little bit better by altering their memories of life to include some of the things that they wish they had gotten to do. Though games are about fun, it’s an emotional story to be sure. The gameplay actually isn’t the focus of this title, with the narrative taking center stage and the game’s other aspects circling around it. The story focuses on one particular patient’s wish to visit the moon.

Wrap Up

Give these mobile games a try if you’re looking for something to do during the holiday period.

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