You Can Apply Strategy to Luck-Based Games

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The reason people like to gamble is the excitement we feel in the process. It is a proven fact that the pleasure hormone dopamine in the human brain is produced regardless of winning or losing. But the urge to win is inherent in human nature. Therefore, we tend to get much more satisfaction when we win. 

For this reason, many people give up on Luck-Based Games or treat them lightly. They believe that nothing depends on them here, and give preference to Skilled Based Games, where the level of the player is firmly linked to his results. However, there are weaknesses in this viewpoint. 

What does the term “Luck-Based Games” mean? 

There is a bit of a problem with the term “Luck-Based Games”. It often leads people to automatically assume that success in such entertainment does not depend at all on the ability to play. In fact, this term means that the result of the game is significantly influenced by the action of a special device or software algorithm.

Unpredictability plays an important role in games dependent on chance. Nonetheless, one’s chances of succeeding can be increased by making wise judgments and adhering to a strategic plan. The likelihood of success can be considerably decreased by neglecting to develop one’s talents and by failing to master the intricacies of the game. 

Players can improve their chances of winning and get an advantage in the competition by taking the time to grasp the mechanics, rules, strategies, and other aspects of the game. In luck-based games, never undervalue the value of planning and strategic thought.

Basic Luck-Based Games and their connection to Strategies

When it comes to Luck-Based Games, we enter the territory of land-based and virtual casinos. Most of the gaming offerings in the gambling industry involve linking results with both randomness and skill. Here are the popular Luck-Based Games:

  • Slots: If you do not have experience, you can test your luck and build skills at Slots LV with bets in BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and USDT. Further, in the material, we will give detailed tips that will be useful when playing slot machines. 
  • Roulette: There are several schemes: Andrucci, Martingale, Labouchere, Fibonacci and some others. Selection of a particular depends on the style chosen by the player. 
  • Bingo: Almost all types of bingo are built on pure luck, so strategies in this case are not too effective. 
  • Poker: The level of the player in this card game is so important that in spite of the element of chance, poker often refers to the Skilled Based Games. At the learning stage, it is worth mastering the knowledge of the mathematical reasoning of decisions in different layouts. You can find ready-made solutions in open sources. For example, check out this article if you’re interested in 5-Crotes Hold’em. 
  • Dice: In games of this type, you should use cue cards (if the rules allow it). You can’t strategize without hints, because of the complicated probability systems. 

Most Luck-Based Games provides for monetary stakes. So the price for abandoning the strategy can be not only a bad mood from the fact of losing, but the real financial losses.

How to avoid traps in Luck-Based Games: a strategy on the example of slots

Slots – a good starting point for learning the world of gambling. The rules and mechanics are simple, so you can start playing quickly. But before that, we advise you to memorize 8 basic strategies that will tweak the odds a little in your favor.

  1. Determine a comfortable limit

Before you start playing, decide how much money you are willing to risk for one visit to the casino. Stop playing as soon as you lose the money (or vice versa, significantly increase the initial bankroll). Online slots have low stakes, so a large bankroll isn’t necessary. If you want to learn about other games in which you can not risk large sums, it is recommended to read BonusStage article on the subject. 

  1. Don’t give in to superstition

An attachment to certain games that seem to be “lucky” can interfere with cold-blooded decision-making. Just accept the fact that there are no slots in online casinos in which the spinning of the reels is determined by anything other than a random number generator. 

3.  Look for a high RTP

This statistic informs what percentage of the amount of bets made over a long period of time is theoretically returned to players. A good value is considered to be 95-96% or higher. The information is usually indicated in the description of the title. We advise to use slots from NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and other well-known providers. Their software is guaranteed to be tested in independent laboratories, so RTP fraud is excluded.

4.  Adjust your playing style to the volatility

Not to waste your bankroll, the size of the bet should be tied to the variance of the slot machine. In products with high volatility the probability of large winnings is higher, but they fall out less frequently. Therefore it makes no sense to bet more than 10-25% of the bankroll. At low volatility the situation is the opposite. Here prize combinations of symbols are formed more often, but rarely bring big money.


slot machine

5.  Explore the bonus features

Bonus rounds, freespins, Megaways, extra multipliers and other options are found in many new slot machines. Be sure to check out what opportunities they open up. The benefits of their activation often cover the risks.

6.  Do not give up the slot because of weak graphics 

Video slots with cinematic inserts are appealing because they are visually pleasing. But if the primary goal of the gambler is to stay in the black, then you should not exaggerate the importance of the vivid design. Development of software with advanced graphics associated with a large expenditure. Therefore, manufacturers often try to compensate for them, reducing the RPT or the prize money. 

7.  Watch for “floating” RTP

In some slot machines, the RTP is not constant and varies depending on the type of bet. In such cases it is always worth stopping at the options with the most favorable percentage of return. 

8.  Avoid progressive jackpots

The top prize in progressive jackpots can be 4, 5 or 6-figure sums. Because of this, inexperienced players ignore the fact that the probability of hitting the jackpot is catastrophically low. The result is countless unsuccessful attempts and lost money.

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