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Enforcer: Police Crime Action puts you in the shoes of the law. You play an everyday police officer who literally can take the law into his own hands. The amount of craziness that can occur while playing this was comical. I had kidnappings drug dealer’s, murderers and car jacking’s also throwing in the occasional drunk person who pulled a gun on me.

The games graphics are comparable to GTA and reminds me a lot of the” Day Z” mod for “ARMA 2” The glitches are often and the animations are really poor, the textures are really blurry. Yet there is something about Enforcer: Police Crime Action that gives me hope that one day, years down the line, it could potentially be a very good game. It’s very early into the games development that much is obvious, it does have a fun factor though. I was impressed the game had a full weather system already and the voices used for the radio and your officer was pretty good.

The AI of the pedestrians is a bit hit and miss. At times I found random NPCs walking endlessly into a wall. Didn’t stop them having an amazing aim when shooting at me in a gunfight though. When you set up a roadblock with traffic cones the AI was responsive enough that they didn’t try drive off when I wanted to question them, so that was good.

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You get calls come through the radio and you never know what kind of day you’re going to have. I went from a boring traffic patrol to chasing down a murder in mere minutes, Sirens on and I was off. I eventually found the suspect and he pulled a gun on me so, I shot him. You ring an ambulance and the mission is complete it’s as simple as that. I got points for my deed and lost some since I injured the culprit.

You get given missions to do GTA style, more missions you do, more you rank up and get promoted. I’m pretty sure later on in the games development you will be able to do everything a normal person does on their day off and there will be a lot more depth to this. You can question random people on the street, check their ID, even frisk them to see if they have something they shouldn’t have. If they do you can arrest them and call for a car to take them away.

The controls are to be honest, awful. My controller didn’t work as the camera wouldn’t stop spinning and the keyboard felt awkward to me. Driving was very difficult, I often found myself crashing or struggling to control where I wanted to go. This however will be improved I feel in later patches they have stated also handbrake turns feel very sketchy too. I often found myself running low on fuel and you pay a big penalty if a tow truck has to come and get you.

Ranking up my officer by putting people away or saving a hostage felt rewarding, busting someone who has a fault with their car or has had one too many was cool, earning medals for your bravery is a nice touch too. You can interact with things that are highlighted green, to be fair a lot can be done you can change your clothes, check your emails, sleep in etc. Again I’m sure once the game is further down the line it’ll be a lot more explorable.

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There is a weapons store and different sirens to play with as well as a donut shop. The one thing I don’t get is adding codes in to access new things added to the game. Hopefully this is just temporary while the game is still as new as it is.

In the end Enforcer: Police Crime Action is a game that will be fun for as long as it lasts. It’s constantly updated and literally as I write this review a patch has come out to add motorbikes and Christmas stuff.  It is a game that is definitely well supported and the creators most certainly want it to succeed. It has some really cool promising features but as the game is at the moment there is a long road ahead.

Enforcer: Police Crime Action Is a game that quite frankly is nowhere near finished so to give this a fair final score is pretty difficult. I do believe it could be a fun exciting cop simulator in years to come though. For now I would wait until the game is later in development.

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