Pinball FX 2: Ms. Splosion Man Table Review

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The Ms. Splosion Man table is the latest in a long line of themed pinball tables for Xbox Live Arcade hit, Pinball FX 2. It does a great job of keeping up Zen Software’s impressive run of imaginative and beautifully realised tables and is arguably amongst the finest that they have created to date.

Based on Twisted Pixel’s quite fantastic, Ms. Splosion Man, this table lifts the art design and visuals right out of Twisted Pixel’s mad-mouthed platformer and applies it to this very pink, but nonetheless, very aesthetically pleasing table. With characters from the game rocking up at regular intervals to impede your progress, it’s your aim to rack up as high a score as possible while, like the game upon which it is based, destroy the movie quoting menace, The Mighty Eternal and save Mr Splosion Man in the process.

With the usual ramps, kick back saves, letter bonuses and spiral bonuses all present and accounted for, each with unique Ms. Splosion Man style twists, this is a table that is as high on personality as it is on potential score. Rocking up points in the millions is a breeze, but be warned, the leaderboards are chock full of some astronomical targets thanks to the table’s underlying potential for large bonuses and combos.

Also, as easy as it may seem to rack up a high score, actual completion of this table is very tricky thanks to some especially difficult challenges.

Still, with The Mighty Eternal there to be attacked and the Mission Mode targets all being clearly signposted, this really is one of the more pleasingly chaotic tables available, even if it does have a few nasty difficulty spikes along the way.

Things do get a bit hectic onscreen sometimes thanks to the vast array of pyrotechnics, and the ball can even be lost briefly on occasion, but for the most part, this is a well designed, hugely entertaining and highly addictive table. Unavailable to PS3 owners for obvious reasons, this stands as one of the better Xbox exclusive tables and is well worth a look for fans of virtual pinball.

Bonus Stage Rating - Very Good 8/10

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