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Casus is an old-school dungeon crawler with a unique approach! As you explore the dungeons, you will have to map out what you see and find using your map tool. Casus was developed and published by Spliced Games and received positive reviews from the community for being a fun and brutal experience which requires skill in order to be mastered. It also got released to the public on August 21st, 2021! What really made me come back for more was the charming atmosphere. This title has to offer and I just want to keep playing! Think it might be something for you? Let us find out!

First of all, the story of Casus really isn’t clear since you only get an introduction to the mechanics of the games instead of a briefing of the story. This made me really curious to what the story was about, so I continued playing! The map and its tools might look intimidating at first, but will quickly be really simple to use once you have gotten the hang of it. Your map will pretty much be your best friend throughout the journey and will really provide help if you have been putting out the markers correctly. To put it simply, patience will reward you in these situations! You will be faced with the puzzle element for the majority of the time due to the locked gates that can be found around the area. The only way through is a key that is hidden somewhere around the map, and it is up for you to find it in order to proceed. The map and the brilliant exploration mechanics aren’t the only things that make Casus shine.

The combat really adds another layer to the game with the interesting attack system, which allows you to pick a spot to target whenever you are using a move. Another thing that I really enjoy about the combat within Casus is the different status effect that you will be able to apply by using certain moves! It also goes the same for your foes, of course! If the fight doesn’t go in your favour, you will also be able to heal yourself by applying bandages. This will either turn the tides for you or for your foes, since it depends on how far into the game you are. You may or may not be able to out heal the damage you will receive.

Other than enjoying some surprisingly strategic combat, you will also be enjoying some well-crafted soundtrack throughout the game. The developers have done a fantastic job when it comes to making sure that the soundtrack suits the setting. Talking about setting, Casus is really immersive with all these different elements combined and it really makes a worthwhile experience. Because of the mapping element, It may be hard for newcomers of the dungeon crawler genre to like this mechanic. It is a charming mechanic nonetheless. It is just a bit too much if you want to enjoy a dungeon crawler without thinking too much about mapping out the area. Oh, I almost forgot! You will also be able to find crafting materials and treasures scattered around the map that will be able to give you an easier time in battles. There is also a chance to receive material from the creatures and deadly bosses that you will be encountering.

In the end, Casus is an interesting experience for those who seek a dungeon crawler with a twist! What made me come back for more is the different classes that you can pick along with a sub-class. It made me experiment with different builds to see which one would be best suiting for me! I would recommend picking up this title if you feel like sinking your teeth into a new indie game.

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Casus Review
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  • Replay Value - 6/10
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To summarize it all, Casus is a very interesting indie title that desserves more attention that it already has. The unique mechanics really makes a title like this one feel really fresh!

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