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House Flipper VR is pretty much House Flipper’s sibling, but in virtual reality! It is the perfect way for you to relax, clean up and renovate worn out insides of different buildings. The experience has never felt so real, and it was a blast to play! What I would like to mention in every review for games in virtual reality is that it can be quite dangerous. I would suggest having enough space in your room for you to move around in as well as going up and down. While swinging your arms around doing certain things within the game, you don’t wanna hit yourself on a table or any other furniture within your room. It can lead to destruction of equipment, but most importantly, it can lead to you dear readers getting injured. Stay safe while playing virtual reality games and let us dive into this review!

House Flipper VR is quite similar in a sense that you start off in a hub area in which you will be able to learn some of the game mechanics as well as cleaning up a bit! At first, you don’t have that much equipment to work with, so picking up trash is a good way to start off cleaning. You take on jobs in different houses and your goal is to reach the quota in order to get your reward. For you completionists out there, once the quota has been reached you will still be able to continue cleaning up for a slightly higher reward! The reward will comprise a set amount of money that you will be able to spend in the future when you need specific furniture on the different missions.

While on a mission, you can stand at a highlighted area of a room and then hold out your tab in order to see what has to be done in that specific room. Pretty much all the details will be there! I have seen this game mechanic earlier in the indie title Train Station Renovation, which is a game about cleaning up different train stations until the quotas are fulfilled. Without a doubt I can imagine this title to become something you will be able to play with your friends! How cool wouldn’t it be to perform a makeover of all the different rooms while social distancing?

In virtual reality games, I rarely get motion sick for some odd reason and being able to crouch and reach tricky spots just like in real life while cleaning is pretty cool! It adds a nice layer of immersion since it can be relatable in a way that cleaning sometimes can be difficult if you are trying to reach a weird spot or so. It may or may not be weird to you why I talk so positively about a game that is about cleaning. The main reason must be the tool belt that you will have access to further into the game, and that is pretty much where all your cleaning gadgets will hang from. Whenever you need something, just look down and grab your desired tool! How cool isn’t that?

While moving my hands around in the main menu, I noticed a slight drop in frame rate as I was adjusting the settings. The perfect way for me to experience House Flipper VR must be around the low to medium settings. Considering that it is around three weeks before the release, it is not a surprise that it might seem a bit unoptimized at first. Despite the frame rate, I still had a blast! Even on the lower settings, the game still looks really nice, charming and rather welcoming. Having such a happy soundtrack in the background really makes it warmer! Something that is possible to happen but not that often is that you might struggle to find your next objective in order to reach the quota. Like finding the last piece of trash before you fulfil the criteria. It can be a bit frustrating until you find it.

To wrap things up, House Flipper VR is an overall enjoyable experience if you enjoy relaxing games! The gameplay feels rewarding, especially when you are making money for future use and missions. If you don’t have a VR headset, I would suggest picking up the ordinary title since a headset isn’t required. But if you by any chance do have a headset, you really should pick this up.

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House Flipper VR Review
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So, House Flipper VR is quite enjoyable and relaxing which makes this game pretty much perfect to play by yourself!

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