The Ingredients Of A Top Slot’s Provider

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Playing slots online

Ever since the very first online casinos started appearing in the 1990s there has been one game that has proved to be the most popular by far.

Slots have undeniably captured casino fans’ imagination in a way that other popular games like roulette and blackjack have not.

There are many theories as to why this is the case.

For a start, there are a few games that are easier to play than the slots. You choose your stake level; press play and away you go. There are no complicated rules to learn or strategies that you need to memorize, it’s all down to pure luck.

Plus, unlike casino table games where the amount you can win is seldom over 35 times your stake, and often less, the sky can be the limit with slots. There have been many truly life-changing slots wins in the past – and there are sure to be more in the future.

So, the biggest issue that any would-be slots player faces is which online site to use. There are so many today that it can be more than a little confusing. But five clear features that will always be a must.

Choice of games

It stands to reason that the first thing to expect from any good site is a wide choice of games.

These should vary in several ways. Firstly, there should be plenty of different themes available to cater to all tastes. So, expect to see games that take you back to the worlds of ancient Rome and Greece and others that let you chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Lots of sites also have games with tie-ins to top movies and TV shows, and some even include clips of the titles for superfans to enjoy.

There should also be games offering a wide range of volatility. For the uninitiated, the volatility of a slot refers to the size and frequency of its payouts. A high-volatility game will award generally bigger prices less frequently, a lower-volatility one will mean smaller, more frequent wins.

There should also be a good selection of slots offering progressive jackpots. These are when some online games are linked together playing for a single, often huge, jackpot. Admittedly, the chances of winning are fairly long but these are still very appealing games.

Good promotions

Because slots are so very popular, there are also often very good bonuses and promotions that are designed to attract new players. So always head for a site where these are on offer.

They tend to take a couple of forms. The first, and most direct, of these, is a set number of free spins on selected slots games. The second is to match initial stake money, effectively doubling the amount that you have to play with. To get a good idea of the sort of offers we’re talking about just visit Slotsource where you’ll find many of the UK’s leading slots sites listed and their bonus offers explained.

Safety and security

Safety and security

One aspect that maybe doesn’t get all the attention it deserves is the importance that a site is safe and secure. This is especially key as not only will the site hold quite a lot of personal information about players, but it could also be storing quite a lot of their cash.

So always look for a site whose URL begins with “HTTPS” and which also has a little padlock in the top left-hand corner.

There should also be information available about the type of encryption that is used to keep information safe from hackers and other cybercriminals.

To be sure that an operator is 100% legitimate it’s also a good idea to check with the Gambling Commission to ensure that they are fully licensed to operate. This will also confirm that the site is run fairly and that the games are checked frequently for compliance.

Ways to pay

Today, there are many more ways to pay than there ever have been before. So, all good online slots sites should offer a good selection of these.

As well as the standard use of debit cards you should expect to find a wide choice of online wallets that are accepted.

Probably the best-known of these is PayPal, but there are many others including Neteller, Skrill, and Dwoller. These make paying in-stake money fast and they’re also usually fee-free. It is worth noting, though, that all winnings from slots sites do tend to be paid back directly into a bank account.

One payment method that many online slots sites have been slow to adopt is Bitcoin. It is possible to find a few that will deal in cryptocurrency and perhaps this will change as it becomes more established.

player support

Player support

Any good site will also set great store by providing good service to its customers. So, at the very least you should expect to find 24/7 online support. Even better is if there is a phone line that you can call during certain hours for direct advice from an actual person. So, beware of sites that only offer a few online FAQs, no doubt not including the answer that you’re looking for! 

So, there you have them. Five key criteria for choosing a great online slots site. Tick all the boxes and you know you’re on to a winner – and then it’s time to play!

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