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It’s another one of those footballing years where after the last game of the season ends, instead of a summer of relaxing and enjoying the sunshine the biggest sporting event in the world starts again, that’s right, the World Cup. For UK fans there has been very little to shout about since 1996 but without doubt the current 2014 World Cup is the best most can remember. With every World Cup there comes another FIFA game, it would have only been just over 9 months ago  or less since you may have purchased FIFA 14 (undoubtedly a great game) but you feel obliged to at least play the 2014 World Cup game whilst the greatest sporting occasion is played in Brazil.

In 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil you have the chance to play as every nation who has taken part. Different from the regular FIFA, there are a lot more countries to play with which finally gives you a chance to play as one of the 203 national teams on offer. The modes you can get to grips with include ‘Road to the FIFA World Cup’; you start from the beginning, imagine you as England breezing through qualification campaign and getting the opportunity of getting out of a group containing such big names as Costa Rica, ‘Captain your Country’; start from the bottom, work your way up the squad list and eventually lead your country through qualifying, and on to the FIFA World Cup, ‘Road to Rio de Janeiro’ (online mode); players progress across of Brazil’s 12 host cities in licensed and very authentic stadiums, you get to compete in online stages with any of the 203 National Teams to advance, remain in a city, or be relegated, ‘Online FIFA World Cup’; which is where you get to compete in the Group Stage and World Cup Finals. ‘Story of Qualifying’; you participate in over 60 real scenarios that the world witnessed during the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying stages. ‘Story of Finals (online mode)’; this starts at the beginning of the tournament and updated daily, play challenges based on the events of the day.

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Some of the new additions to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil helps make it a better game than its predecessor. You are able to choose from a range of predetermined set pieces which help 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil become more authentic. It would be a good inclusion if you had something similar when defending set pieces. Some of the defending as set pieces is still a tad on the indefensible side, why would your smallest players mark the other teams bigger aerial threats? Obviously they wouldn’t. The movement/animations come across with better execution; a highlight was Daniel Sturridge taking a difficult pass into his stride with good flick. Defenders can jump over attackers when heading the ball which again makes 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil feel more authentic.  There are still some issues when your players run into each other, if you have a congested penalty area you can at times find yourself laughing as players fall over each other.

One thing FIFA always do well is getting the feel and presentation of a game. The same thing can be said about 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. It oozes class throughout with animations and cut scenes that really get you involved such as when it cuts to a fans bar after a great goal or close shot. The presentation is slick from start to finish with so much colour than at times you do feel like you’re part of Brazil. Lots of colour and razzmatazz are dabbed all over 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and it really adds to your experience.

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a better game than its predecessor but the improvements are only slight in many cases. It’ll be interesting to see what great improvements happen on the latest generation of new consoles.  2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is an excellent game in its own right but it always hard to compare each FIFA and even harder when two are released in the same year.

To add to the World Cup experience you should play 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, if you haven’t got the last FIFA then you should play 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, if you’re happy enough with FIFA 14 and think it has already added to your World Cup then you probably don’t need to play 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

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