Case Logic SureFit Universal Folio for 9-10 inch Tablet Review

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I’m relatively new to the world of tablets, but what I do know about them is that a) they are easy to drop and b) a pain in the ass to hold for extended periods. Luckily for me, just as I was ready to give up on tables for good and throw mine out of the nearest window (disclaimer: I might be exaggerating), along comes Case Logic’s SureFit Universal Folio for 9-10 inch Tablets to deal with all my dropping and holding needs.

While far from a heavy duty device and not built to protect from direct attack, the slim, well crafted, SureFit Universal Folio does do a decent job of protecting your precious cargo from standard day-to-day knocks and scrapes. Its ‘phlox’ design, which essentially means, pleasantly textured, is understated and professional looking while simultaneously doing just enough to make it stand out from all of those standard, plain black designs out there. It’s a clean design that I for one found very appealing without ever feeling like too much of a show off……a tricky balancing act. I’d describe it as ‘corporate chic’.

Its simplistic folding design ensures that all ports are easily accessible (easy sailor), while the shell strikes a careful balance between offering protection without adding too much bulk to the product. A simple elastic strap ensures everything stays in place without the need for any kind of locking device. From the outside, it really couldn’t be a simpler design.

Inside however, elasticated, coated spring steel clips allow you to hold an array of 9-10 inch tablets in place without any issues whatsoever. The clever design allows for a snug, well protected fit for an array of tablets without ever having to jam your tablet of choice into place.

Case Logic SureFit Universal Tablet Case - 10-in Laptop StandThe simple folding design also allows you to view your table from multiple angles without affecting the aesthetic of the cases design. Again, it’s a simple design implemented extremely well and is an absolute God send for long train journeys in which screen glare can be an on-going battle.

It’s slim, simplistic but always extremely practical. The design is clean but not boring while successfully offering a level of basic protection without turning your tablet into a unwieldy behemoth. The ability to hold tablets of different sizes is implemented with minimum fuss while the ability to hold your device in place at multiple angles without effecting the core aesthetics proves the products greatest asset. There might be fancier cases out there, but in terms of offering a combination of practicality, style and affordability, few can match it.


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