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rFactor 2 is a racing simulation that will test even the keenest of racing simulation specialist. This game is not easy, at all. Do not let that put you off because if you work at it and play it for a while you will find yourself getting better, overtaking people instead of been overtook yourself and it’s a sense of self achievement few racers give you now days. Of course the driving aids are there until you manage to get used to the controls and that’s the first thing I’m going to mention.

I found the controls on my Xbox 360 Afterglow controller really sensitive. Luckily this was easily sorted and there are many sensitivity options to tweak getting the perfect balance of steering and power. I found I didn’t have nearly as much as a problem with my steering wheel though This is one of those games that you have to master each individual track and car all control differently and you will find with some cars you can get on the power mid corner others you will find yourself facing the other way due to losing traction. Once I got the hang of this I loved every moment of the actually racing the AI is amazing really competitive.

I often found myself in a dual with another racer and the sound of the engines is that good I could hear how close he was just by the sound without looking in my mirrors at all. The AI does make odd mistakes too, a few starts of the line a car would stall causing absolute chaos. Some of the replays I got of the crashes are incredible. Damage physics in this game are too great, some of the best I’ve seen in a racing game period. Smashing into a wall at full pelt with full damage on and you are done your race is over. All I can say is thank goodness for the restart race option.

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It’s impossible to mention all the cars in this game there’s just too many of them, there is tons and tons of series all with different cars ranging from classic to modern Formula 1 cars. All have different styles of driving some faster than others but what I found was they all offered something that was fun once I got to grips with how they handled. This is one of those games you can think you know what I’m going to race a Go kart because I can.

Graphics hold up incredibly well too I had little to no slowdown and the game looks stunning. Replays at times look photo realistic. Marshalls are present when there’s yellow blue or black flags been waved and the safety car also comes out if need be putting everything to a halt and throwing all strategies out of the window. The formation lap is even present with the option to skip straight to the race but who would want to do that? Rfactor2 does everything and anything you have every wanted a racing game to do.

Online was a bit if a hit and miss. I found out while playing there are actual leagues for Rfactor2 and these are taken incredibly seriously. Accidents are penalised with penalties and the racing standard is insanely good. Don’t get me wrong you can find games with players equal to your level just don’t expect them to stay on the track long that’s all. I had a few fun games Online but found the majority do not want you to join unless you’re a seasoned pro, which I am definitely not still the option to add AI bots is a most welcome one.

Customization is rFactor 2’s strongest point. The community has filled the Steam workshop with new tracks, cars and tournaments to play. On the net I even found more cars and tracks ready to download put into the game. You can even change the graphics too including the UI and menu graphics. Rfactor2 utilizes what the PC does best modification and it welcomes it with open arms.

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If you have ever wanted to race on any track period, this game will make your dreams come true It’s the closest you can get to driving a real car I highly recommend a steering wheel Although I did use both my gamepad and my steering wheel I found the steering wheel felt a lot more comfortable and natural Just like a real life car you have to ease the pedal with your foot putting your foot straight down while send you for a nice spin. You do have the choice of manual or auto gears using a gear stick with the game is just too satisfying to pass up though, you can literally hear the gear change headphones are a must for this trust me you will not regret it.

Overall rFactor 2 is a great driving simulator. With the right equipment in place I’m pretty confident this is as close as you can get to the real thing using an expensive driving wheel seat and pedals. Its wide range of customization and endless flow of content make this a must for any petrol heads out there racing has never felt this realistic. This is the best racing sim I have played I intend to get better and maybe even get myself into one of the leagues it gives you a feeling of achievement that cannot be rivalled by any other racing game because no other racing game comes this close to the real deal. This isn’t for everyone fans of arcade racers will find themselves frustrated at the learning curve this has.

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