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Overcooked is a unique game, it takes two genres that are explored much and fused them together to make one of the most hectic enjoyable experiences this year. Overcooked is a cooking game where you must scramble to pick up and prepare foods in time and serve it before the order is up. This seems simple but then the game throws these crazy variables like cooking on a boat or in a kitchen with no space to walk.

So Overcooked actually has a story; you are a cook who has to make a dish for a giant spaghetti monster and there’s no way you can do that and he ends up destroying the world. You are sent back in time to use this extra time to improve your cooking skills to a high enough level that you would be able to cook something in time and tasty in time to “defeat” the giant monster. Definitely a story that feels like it’s only there to facilitate the gameplay which is fine, it is quirky in a fun way though.


The controls are very simple and consist of two buttons. One to pick things up and put them down, the other is to “use” things.  Very simple for a reason since the game is very fast and hectic and must rush to cook in time. You’ll start with picking vegetables from the dispenser and popping them on the cutting board and then chopping them up, popping them into a pot and making soup.  This sounds really easy but the way the kitchen is actually set up will require you to delegate jobs and this is where the fun comes in. You’ll have way more fun with another person as you’ll be shouting at them and you’ll be having a blast doing it.

When played in singleplayer the game is not as fun, not even close. The issue arises since the game is designed with two players in mind you are required to switch between two chefs and it just isn’t as good. The need to switch makes the whole hectic feeling feel manufactured and with it all in your hand it just doesn’t feel as good. The game lets you play in single player but I would not recommend buying this for solo play.


The game has a lot of charm though visually, it has a beautiful art style where everything looks like it feels really soft and touchable. The colours are very vibrant and are a nice break from the usual gritty looking games. The game is not one you will get tired of looking at as you continue to plough through level after level.

The Gourmet Edition comes with the expansion pack that includes 6 new levels and 6 new chefs. The chefs are only cosmetic but the levels do bring a lot to the table. The levels are very unique and facilitate the co-op fun where you get frustrated and vent to your co-op partner.  The maps are really the only part of the DLC that adds any value but the other chefs need to be unlocked so it gives the player something to do.

Overall Overcooked Gourmet Edition is a game packed with fun that will bring a crazy energy to the room that not many games are able to cultivate. Unfortunately it is not as fun in single player and just as stated above, I would not recommend buying it if you’re only playing alone. Otherwise if you have some friends or even just one friend this is something you should buy as it will provide you with hours of shouty fun.


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