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With the likes of Tinder and Match.Com having a better success rate that Blind Date you’d think that maybe there was a market, a niche market for a dating simulator. Well here it is; Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is one such game. If you thought you were good at matching people based on their interests and looks then Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker gives you that opportunity to turn your hand at being Cilla Black or at least the french guy from First Dates.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker was originally a mobile game which has now been successfully swiped right into the console market. You start off creating your own avatar with a reasonably varied set of options to choose from. This is when the Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker begins, you start off running your own dating agency trying to attract clients and trying to successfully match them with who’s on your books. Your clients visit you and describe what they like and this is where you look through your catalogue of possible matches. You are rarely going to find someone who perfectly fits the bill but if you can find someone who fits partially then that’s a good start, as they say opposites attract, well sometimes!

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You end up being part of the date too helping love blossom. During the date there are lots of little mini games to get to grips with. For example, you need to remember what your couple likes to eat so they can order accordingly. You get a choice of conversational topics and you help answer in the best way to ensure cupids arrow is still on course. You can ask the waiter/chef certain questions to help you improve your date but this comes at a cost. At the end of the date you get to choose if they should go out, take it slow or call it off. If it ends well you’ll be sent communications thanking you for all your help. If couples match up and get together then that improves your rating so you’re able to attract more clients and unlock other restaurants.

You get gold coins that can be spent on advice during Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker such as clarifying what’s in a meal. You can also spend coins to during the mini games to improve your chances at being successful at them. These coins can be used to also lie (you can lie anyway in some cases) but that may mean that future relationships fall apart and you’ll soon be inundated with mail. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a fairly easy game to master, you rarely miss completely especially when you start assessing more restaurants and clients. The range of mini games is quite large and helps give Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker an engaging novelty about it, whether it’s dealing with ex partners or remembering what your date ordered.

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Cleverly your avatar actually has the ability to appear as a client in another persons game, so not only are you matching you are also able to be matched off somewhere in the cloud. Multiplayer wise if you end up with the most matches in your friends list then you win coins, at the moment i appeared to be the only one to have a copy of Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker so I was topping the leaderboard every week. Graphically Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is super camp and knows it but the Kitty Powers character and associated dialogue never grates. It’s very bold in your face colours that suit the nature of Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a charming title with plenty of campness but it does suffer from the usual porting from the mobile market. It’s designed to be played in short bursts which unfortunately means you don’t ever commit fully to the relationship. If you want no strings then maybe Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker could be the one for you, it just lacks that depth to keep you going back for more.


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