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If there’s ever a way to make a game enjoyable but also so damn infuriating, then over the top physics are the way to do it. Gang Beasts did it, where you couldn’t help but fall over; but that was all about fighting and pushing other people off, but this game puts those physics powers to good and makes you solve puzzles which will test your wits and your sanity. There is also the option to play with a friend which, although it makes the game easier, can also make you even more stressed out when your mate can’t work out how to open a door properly.

Human Fall Flat puts you (and a friend if you so choose) in various areas in which you have to solve a set of physics puzzles before you can move on. There are very limited controls in the game mainly to make it more difficult to get a half decent grip on something, it also means that you can nab any of your pals to give it a go as it requires basically no gaming experience. So if the controls are easy to understand, what can be so hard about it? Well, you’ve got to put your wits to the test and work out exactly where to push and pull stuff to the exact place where they need to be, then you need to actually get yourself from A to B.

The puzzles aren’t difficult to work out, the main hindrance is your ability to move the objects and putting your physics thinking cap on. Lots of the puzzles require exploring for possible alternative routes and also key objects which can easily missed as they’re right in front of you. Different paths to solve the puzzles can be more exciting so it’s definitely worth looking; while I was playing I saw that I could either unlock a gate across a bridge or launch myself in a catapult over the doors to get in, so obviously I chose the latter because it’s far more fun and there are loads of more choice like that in the game

One unsettling thing about Human Fall Flat is that there is no music, sure there’s a little bit every time you solve a puzzle, but when you are taking your time trying to work something out there is nothing. As well as being creepy, it’s also so bloody boring. It would be bad enough playing with two people but playing alone with no music would be hellish. At least the game looks decent for what it is, there isn’t much detail or anything too amazing but it is cool to see the large areas that are in the game. My personal favorite is the castle.

One thing to note is that Human Fall Flat as best played with a friend, playing alone is boring and slowly becomes tedious; obviously it’s harder alone as it’s the same levels, but playing with someone makes the game far more fun. As I mentioned about the music, this silence won’t be filled by you and your friend talking; in fact, this silence won’t be filled at all. So if you are thinking of buying the game make sure you have a buddy with you, or if the puzzle need is too strong then the game is completely playable on your ones.

Human Fall Flat is a fun physics based puzzle game, one you can spend a while playing and exploring different ways to solve puzzles. But it does seem to be a game designed for two people so be wary entering alone, and it may be an idea to pop some music or even a podcast on to fill the awkward silence this game throws at you. However, it’s still fun and nice little way to get your brain working while slowly going insane due to the lack of control over your character.

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