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World to the West is an action-packed puzzle game developed by Rain Games and is a follow-up of the hugely successful game Teslagrad. Throughout the game the player is given control of four different characters each with a variety of unique abilities which must be used together as a whole to solve many of the puzzles that are presented. Players are slowly introduced to these characters as they come together to realise they are part of a much bigger prophecy. These four characters consist of Lumina the Teslomancer who can utilise levitation devices, dashes, and teleportation to traverse terrain. Knaus the orphan with the ability to dig under rocks, slide across water and use dynamite for destruction. Miss Teri the mind bender who can traverse across gaps with her scarf and has the ability to control a large number of enemies in the game for various different purposes. Then finally there is Lord Clonington the muscle head, who can utilise a large amount of different combat manoeuvres in able to destroy terrain and enemies that are presented.

The storyline that is presented begins as being very linear with the player being unable to explore many segments of the map, however once the player reaches much further on into the game with unlocking most of the character’s abilities, exploration then becomes key to progressing the overall prophecy storyline.

The art in this game follows very similarly to their previous release however with the 3D top down view on it. The very stylistic approach to environment and characters creates a very delicate and graceful feel to the game and is never boring to look at.

The gameplay begins as an enjoyable experience at first and is also very forgiving to new players. However, this slowly ramps up throughout the game when the player becomes comfortable with using all the characters. This is when the game can often at times become frustrating, with multiple visits back to the totem pole (respawn point), leaving the player having to try once again. The puzzles that have been designed in this game are excellent! They often left me scratching my head for a good 10 minutes wondering how I would get through to the next area, this would then become hugely rewarding when that Eureka moment would pop.

The audio which accompanies the game is very atmospheric this combined with the sound effects adds very nicely to the game. However, with players often spending large amount of times in one area, the music can often at times become very repetitive, at least that’s how I felt personally.

A few things that I personally found frustrating during the game is not being able to simply switch to a different character. Players are often forced to traverse all the way back through the level to a totem pole to change to a different character. Another frustrating element is that certain mechanics in the game can often be very clunky feeling, but overlooking that there aren’t many issues that I could find with the game.

Overall in this game there were no game breaking bug or glitches that I came across. Although there were a couple of small bugs such as menu options being blocked out and a funny bug which left me playing with a speech bubble stating “A Map” for a good 15 minutes or so, that was more comical than annoying to me however.

Rain Games have made a hugely successful follow-up game that they should definitely be proud of as it provided myself with a huge amount of frustration, but also a huge amount of enjoyment, and that’s what games are about right?

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  • Gameplay - /10
  • Graphics - /10
  • Sound - /10
  • Replay Value - /10
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